Blending the demands of life and multisport to create a prepared and centered endurance athlete.

Coaching Service


Individual Coaching
• $150 for 4-week block
• or $850 paid in advance for 24 weeks
• receive all club level benefits below

Couples Coaching
• $200 for 4-week block
• or $1150 paid in advance for 24 weeks
• includes club level benefits for each athlete

*requires same race schedule and similar overall plans with pace specific detail and individual training peak accounts

Coaching Includes
• team tech shirt
• choice of team Boco visor or hat
• team water bottle
• team swim cap
• early entry to Ironman races (as available)
• linked training peaks account
• team discounts
• monthly group training and/or social
• opportunity to purchase team kit



Anje Dowler
I competed in my first 70.3 Ironman in 2016. The best decision I made was to hire Johanna as my coach.I was a runner and a cyclist already but had no clue about swimming or doing all three at the same time for that matter!! Johanna wrote out a very detailed program for my training. She helped me focus on my weaknesses to make me a stronger racer. With ever workout she checked in. If there was ever a question or issue, she would address it immediately. She was a God send through my training. I think the most important thing Johanna gave me was 24/7 support. There were many times I wanted to quit, but Johanna encouraged me and got me excited again. There were long conversations on the phone talking me through fears and questions. Johanna genuinely cares and because she has completed so many of her own Iron Mans, she can relate to to what you are going through. From workout to nutrition to transition to support, there isn’t a better coach than Johanna. I can NOT recommend her enough. Don’t race without Coach Johanna!
Annette Miller
I’ve known Johanna for almost four years now. We were introduced when I decided to train for my first half marathon with Team Rio. I remember the first time we met in January 2013 after a 3 mile training run. I had found out a couple days before that I was chosen to be part of CNN’s 2013 Fit Nation team, where I would be training for my first triathlon. A mutual friend said, “come here Net, you have to meet Johanna…she does Ironmans for fun.” I loved her as a coach and more importantly as a person from the moment I met her. She understands people and all the baggage that comes with us. She doesn’t coach someone just to have a client; she genuinely cares about people and what they’re going through.There have been a number of races since 2013; some were PRs, some were barely finished, but in 2016 one didn’t get to start. We started training in March 2016 for the July 9th Muncie IM 70.3. Racing has taught me that my happiest days are race days, I smile through every mile. When we started training for Muncie, I was still working though a lot of depression and anger after my mother’s death in 2014. I had lost my happy. Training was hell, in the best way. I had more aches and pains than I knew possible, but I would trudge my way through, just trying to get my smile back. I told Johanna the good, the bad and the ugly of my days and she listened.When you least expect it, life happens. A month before race day I found a lump on my breast. My doctor sent me for a mammogram, ultrasound, etc. and the person in the waiting room was Johanna. She was the one that saw my face, when one doctor told me he was sure it was cancer. She wasn’t my coach, she was my friend and the true ones are hard to come by these days. Long story short, it was not cancer. I did have to have surgery two weeks before the race to remove the lump which knocked me out of Muncie 2016.I’ve already signed up for Muncie 2017 and with Johanna I know I’ll get through it with 70.3 miles of smiling.
Christy Hammond
I started training with Johanna in early 2015. I had been a runner since 2010 and had completed multiple half and full marathons. I had never done a triathlon. My goal: to be an Ironman. I hadn’t ridden a bike more than 10 miles since I was in middle school and I hadn’t swam a lap in the same amount of time. But I wanted to be an Ironman and Johanna was going to get me there. Johanna created customized workouts and training plans to get me through my first sprint triathlons, my first Olympic triathlon, and then my first half Ironman. I received constant feedback on my progress and she adjusted my plans as needed. I continued my training into 2016 with my goal race in sight. Johanna pushed me through my training and I was feeling ready until I had a severe eye injury 6 weeks before race day. I couldn’t work out for 3 weeks. Johanna worked with me through my injury, adjusted my training for my last few weeks, and readjusted my goal time. Come race day, I finished my first Ironman just 18 months after I started triathlon training. Johanna was with me every step of the way and I couldn’t have done it without her.
Suzanne McLemore
I’ve worked with Johanna for about 6 months and have seen good progress in all 3 areas of triathlon. My goal has always been to lower my times with each race and I’ve seen my times come down through her training methods and mentoring. Johanna makes me work hard and she listens and customizes my workouts so that I can improve on my weaker areas. We talk after each race so that she can adjust my training and suggest changes to make the next race go better. She is easy to reach whether by phone, text, or email and is prompt in responding. I’m excited to continue working with Johanna.
Jackie Stammen
When you’re a coach and you’re constantly being motivated, encouraged, and enlightened by your co-coach, you know you are in the presence of someone special. Johanna has so much passion and heart for athletes, sports, and guiding people on their journey to reach goals and squash false boundaries. I had the pleasure of co-coaching for a long distance run team with Johanna for four years. What an honor it was to work alongside her and learn from her extensive experience and wisdom. Johanna is simply the best of the best!



In December of 2007, Johanna Michel began her journey to multi-sport as a member of marathon training group Team Rio. She had been a smoker for 16 years and needed a big hairy audacious goal to quit. So rather than tell people she was going to quit smoking, she told them she was going to run a marathon. On April 26, 2008 she became part of the .5 of 1% to complete a marathon when she crossed the finish line of the Country Music Marathon in Nashville, TN

Thirteen years later Johanna has completed thirty marathons, including qualifying for Boston in Spring of 2010. With a swimming background, triathlon quickly became Johanna’s passion and in August of 2010 she completed her first Ironman in Louisville KY. Since then she has gone on to complete ten full Ironmans (Louisville x2, Wisconsin, Florida, Coeur d’Alene, Chattanooga, Arizona x2, Maryland & Lake Placid). “I am still not convinced that smoking wasn’t a much cheaper hobby” says Johanna. In 2012 she ran four marathons in four months and joined the Marathon Maniacs. To date, Johanna has completed marathons in eighteen different states earning her entrance into the 50 State Marathon club.

In 2012 Johanna became a USA Track & Field Level 1 Coach and spent four years coaching half and full marathon groups for Country Music Marathon through Team Rio & UCP Warriors. January of 2015 Johanna added her USA Triathlon Level 1 Coaching Certification and had a very successful first couple years coaching first time and seasoned triathletes from sprint to full Ironman distance. When she isn’t training and coaching you can also find Johanna behind the scenes working for Team Magic Multi-sport Event Management.

Featured Athletes

Featured Athletes


Carlos Arno
Carlos’ road-to-the-road-to his first half Ironman began in the fall of 2015 when he met a few triathletes at Endeavor Performance – a cycling studio in Nashville. He kept hearing the athletes mention triathlon terms like “bricks”, “gaps” “transition” he didn’t understand but thought were the coolest sounding words. Determined to fit in with the “cool” kids, he decided he would make it a goal to do a triathlon race before he turned 30 in July 2016. His first love is cycling while running and swimming, especially long distances, seemed pretty foreign to him. To help start his training, he joined groups like East Nasty and various Masters programs to learn the other two sports. After months of training and encouragement from good friends, he was able to finish the Music City Sprint triathlon (which he is convinced was the hardest second-for-second race in 2016) 4 days before his 30th birthday. It was not the prettiest result, perhaps due to the broken helmet buckle at the start of the race or the two wardrobe changes which caused him 10 extra minutes in transition or the chocolate cake he ate the night before. Regardless, he was hooked to the sport. He is currently training for Chattanooga 70.3 and now finds every opportunity to drop “bricks”, “gaps” and “transition” in his daily conversations regardless of applicability.Current goals: finish my first half Ironman in 6 hours or lessFuture goals: get that darn Ironman tattoo all his friends have which requires finishing a full 140.6 race

Planned races in 2017: Tom King ½ marathon, Rock n Roll Nashville ½ Marathon, Chattanooga 70.3 and Augusta 70.3

Activities Outside Triathlon: hanging out with his little brother (Big Brother Big Sister Program), dinners/drinks/movies/game night with friends and most importantly SLEEP