Carlos Aro

Carlos’ road-to-the-road-to his first half Ironman began in the fall of 2015 when he met a few triathletes at Endeavor Performance – a cycling studio in Nashville.

He kept hearing the athletes mention triathlon terms like “bricks”, “gaps” “transition” he didn’t understand but thought were the coolest sounding words. Determined to fit in with the “cool” kids, he decided he would make it a goal to do a triathlon race before he turned 30 in July 2016. His first love is cycling while running and swimming, especially long distances, seemed pretty foreign to him. To help start his training, he joined groups like East Nasty and various Masters programs to learn the other two sports. After months of training and encouragement from good friends, he was able to finish the Music City Sprint triathlon (which he is convinced was the hardest second-for-second race in 2016) 4 days before his 30th birthday. It was not the prettiest result, perhaps due to the broken helmet buckle at the start of the race or the two wardrobe changes which caused him 10 extra minutes in transition or the chocolate cake he ate the night before. Regardless, he was hooked to the sport. He is currently training for Chattanooga 70.3 and now finds every opportunity to drop “bricks”, “gaps” and “transition” in his daily conversations regardless of applicability.Current goals: finish my first half Ironman in 6 hours or lessFuture goals: get that darn Ironman tattoo all his friends have which requires finishing a full 140.6 race

Planned races in 2017: Tom King ½ marathon, Rock n Roll Nashville ½ Marathon, Chattanooga 70.3 and Augusta 70.3

Activities Outside Triathlon: hanging out with his little brother (Big Brother Big Sister Program), dinners/drinks/movies/game night with friends and most importantly SLEEP

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