Jim Day

Jim started his multi-sport journey in 2007 with the Du Run Run Duathlon.  At the time he had never had a single swim lesson in his life, so duathlon was as multi-sport as he was capable of doing.  He caught the bug and wanted to go all in however, so he was soon signed up with now-retired triathlon coach, Kathleen Johnston.  He also signed on for swim lessons with Ashley Whitney and her master’s swim group.  The following year in 2008 he participated in his first sprint triathlon, the GJCC Sprint, and his first intermediate distance triathlon, the Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon.  As someone who was terrified by deep water and would never go near it as a child, this was quite a feat for him!  Since that time, he’s had incredible experiences training, racing, traveling and generally having a good time with the Nashville running and multi-sport community.

In the world of multi-sport, Jim has completed three full distance Ironmans (Canada, Florida and Chattanooga), six half Ironmans, 10 Olympic Distance triathlons, 10 sprint distance triathlons, one Xterra off road triathlon and one duathlon.  In the world of running, he has completed three marathons, 14 half marathons, one 25k trail race, one 10-mile trail race, five 10ks and nine 5ks.

Jim has not however, participated in a single race since 2015 after taking a bit of a hiatus from all of these activities.  He’s now concentrating on rebuilding his run and is participating in the Nashville Running Company’s 2017 Summer Lovin’ trail running training series.  He plans to sign up for a trail race this fall and may or may not get back on his bike or in the pool before next year.

Though he isn’t currently individually coached he attributes much of his recent success in getting active again to the accountability and very welcome peer pressure he receives in being a club level member of the TriCentric team.

Outside of sport, Jim is a past board member of the YMCA’s Camp Widjiwagan and currently serves on the board of Agape Animal Rescue.  He enjoys starlit nights with chirping crickets and croaking frogs and crisp Autumn winds by a campfire – and is more than a little bit of a goofball.  He is the proud papa of a gorgeous German Shepherd Dog named Annie and is passionate about animal causes.


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